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Selenium Testing Training in Bangalore

Selenium is one of the leading and demanding automation testing tool where the process of software testing will be done using automation scripts. Then the the flaws, defects, bugs can be obtained and corrected. Selenium is an open source, portable, platform independent automation testing tool, built on Java, that can be used to automate the web application testing. I had been working as a System Admin for the last 6 months. I found that automation testing is having good scope and opportunities in the current IT world. I…

ETL Testing Training in Bangalore

In data warehousing, ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) testing is to perform verification and validation on each and every phase of the ETL lifecycle.  Some of the popular ETL testing techniques are product validation testing, source-to-target count testing, data testing, data integration testing, data transformation testing, migration testing, duplicate data check testing, data quality testing and regression testing.  My friend and myself did this course in Global Training Bangalore (TIB Academy). Previously, we both worked as…
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