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VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is an event-driven programming language from Microsoft which can be easily integrated with any of the applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access. VBA is a linear programming language that can be used to develop customized applications to improve the performance. This can be used to create macro enabled applications to process repeated operations and can automate them.

VBA Training Student Review

I am an Oracle SQL developer having around 2 + years of experience in DB management and reporting. My Team Lead recommended me to learn VBA with Excel for career upskilling. Also I wanted to be unique in my team. So, I was looking to acquire the best VBA training in Bangalore. In Global Training Bangalore, the trainer gave me many sessions on how to use VBA effectively in Excel. Now I’m good at data handling using Excel and VBA and I’ve been given additional responsibilities of data management and data manipulation in my company. I started loving my job and hopefully waiting for career appraisal and reward.

More about VBA Training in Bangalore

  • In-built functions and formula in MS Excel help manage complex manipulations. It uses VB language to program events, subroutines, procedures, functions, and macros.
  • VB supports classes, data types (variables, constants), objects, control arrays, debugging, file handling, intrinsic constants, menus and windows API.
  • Efficient tools, dashboards and scorecards can be created by VBA using excel. And the spreadsheet can talk to database and fetch data as well as save data using ADO.
  • Global Training Bangalore is the best VBA training center in Bangalore where you will be exposed to differentiated learning environment as the course syllabus has been prepared by the highly experienced professionals. With this course, you can learn about objects, forms, controls, macros, VBA editor, file handling, procedures, data types, error handling, VBA worksheet functions and lot more. Please check below for the detailed syllabus.

 Prerequisites for VBA Training

  • There are NO prerequisites. However basic knowledge on excel and formula can be beneficial.
  • If you are already familiar with the above, this course will be quite easy for you to grasp the concepts. Otherwise, experts are here to help you from the basics of excel and VBA.

VBA Job Openings in Bangalore 

  • VBA with Excel is suitable for the people, who have key skills on data management and data analysis. In the current IT market, there are plenty of VBA opportunities for the experienced professionals who are aware of the above technologies.
  • If you possess strong VBA experience and SQL, you can get job as VBA developer.
  • If you possess VBA as a co-skill with MIS, data analysis and macros, you can get job as Senior MIS analyst.
  • If you possess VBA as a co-skill along with macros and pivot table, you can get job as VBA macro consultant.
  • Some of the companies that hire for VBA are JP Morgan, Accenture, AIG, Deloitte, E&Y, Cyient, Mphasis, KPMG, Wipro, Xerox, Macquarie group, Oracle, Infosys.

Compared to other training institutes, Global Training Bangalore is one of the best VBA training institutes in Bangalore where you can acquire the best VBA training and placement guidance.

What is special about the VBA training in Bangalore? 

  • Global Training Bangalore is the only institute providing the best VBA training in Bangalore. They have top experienced industrial professionals as their trainers; they are working in top rated MNCs and Corporates with years of real time experience. So they will surely boost you to become the best VBA expert.
  • As their trainers are all currently working, the VBA training program will be usually scheduled during weekdays early mornings between 7AM to 10AM, weekdays late evenings between 7PM to 9:30PM and flexible timings in weekends. They provide VBA classroom training, VBA online training and VBA weekend training based upon the student’s time convenience. This training will make you to feel like obtaining the best VBA course in Bangalore with moderate course fees.
  • The practical sessions throughout the course will help you to enhance your technical skills and confidence. Their connections to the job world will surely help you achieve your dream job. So start putting your sincere efforts into practice and grab the wonderful opportunities.
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VBA Course Timing & Duration

VBA Classroom Training Timing

Mon – Fri : 7 AM to 10 AM & 7 PM to 9.30 PM 

Sat & Sun : Flexible Timing

Duration : 30 – 35 hrs.

VBA Online Training Timing

Mon – Fri : 7 AM to 10 AM & 7 PM to 9.30 PM 

Sat & Sun : Flexible Timing

Duration : 30 – 35 hrs.

VBA Fast Track Training

Duration : within 20 days.

VBA Training in Bangalore Reviews

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Excel Training in Bangalore Syllabus

1. Excel Basics

  • Excel workbook and worksheet structure
  • General overview
  • Data types
  • Formatting
  • Designs
  • Structure

2. Advanced Functions

  • V-Lookup
  • H-Lookup
  • IF
  • Index Match
  • Rows
  • Columns
  •  Match
  • Offset
  • Get Pivot Data
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Text Functions
  • Operators
  • Mathematical functions
  •  Calculation options

3. Name Manager

  • Define a name to a range
  • Use of name manager
  • Using formulas in name manager
  • Editing name range

4. Pivots and Pivot Graphs

  • Creating of Pivot Table
  • Using Summary function in Pivot Table
  •  Pivot Table Calculations
  • Creating own formulas in Pivots
  • Grouping and Ungrouping in Pivot Tables
  • Creating Pivot Graph
  • Custom Filter on Pivot Table
  • Formatting Pivot table (Removing old data, grand total, subtotal …etc.)

5. Sorting

  • Rearranging of Data
  • Sorting by alphabets, numbers and time

6. Filtering Data

  • Using Auto filter option
  • Custom Filtering with different options
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Find Unique records using advanced filtering
  • Filter using operators AND/OR
  • Filter by color

7. Grouping and Outlining Data

  • Group and ungroup rows and columns
  • Auto outlining the data
  • Freezing and Unfreezing

8. Data Validation

  • Use Data Validation in Excel
  • Using Input Message in Data validation
  • Using error message in Data Validation

9. Removing duplicate records

  • Remove duplicate records in a spread sheet
  • Customize to remove the duplicate values

10. Split Texts

  • Split texts to different columns
  • Remove special character from a string and split the string

11. Conditional Formatting:

  • Use of conditional formatting
  • Custom formatting

12. Copy Data

  • Use of format painter
  • Use of paste special
  • Strike through a value
  • Find and Replace

VBA Training in Bangalore Syllabus

1. What is VBA ?

  • Introduction To Another Languages
  • VBA: An Event Driven Programming
  • VBA: An Object Based Programming
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of VBA
  • Objects, Procedures And Properties

2. VBA Ide

  • Opening The Excel VBA Ide
  • Menu Bar
  • Toolbar
  • Project Window
  • Code Window
  • ImmediateWindow
  • Customizing The Vbe

3. Getting Started With Macro

  • Recording The Macro
  • Examining The Macro
  • Saving Workbooks That Contain Macros

4. Fundamentals Of Vba Language

  • Variable & Constants, Data Types
  • Keywords, Arguments
  • Procedures: Sub And Function
  • Local Vs Global Variable Declaration
  • Procedures: Public Or Private, Comments

5. Control Flow & Loops Statements

  • Relational And Logical Operators
  • If….Then, If….Then….Else, If….Then….Elseif….Else
  • Select Case ( With To And With Is)
  • Do While….Loop, Do loop….While, Do Until….Loop
  • Do loop….Until
  • For….Next, ForEach….Next
  • While….Wend
  • The Exit Statement

6. Using VBA And Worksheet Functions

  • Vb Functions
  • Excel Functions
  • The Workbooks Collection
  • The Sheets Collection
  • Activate And Select
  • Range Property
  • Cells Property
  • Offset Property
  • Resize Property
  • Current region Property
  • Columns And Rows Properties

7. Working with Dialog Box sand Form Objects

  • Working With Dialog Boxes And Form Objects
  • Using Labels, Using Text Boxes
  • Using The Command Button Control
  • Using List Boxes,Combo Boxes, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Toggle Buttons
  • Using Frames, Message Boxes
  • Taking Input Using Input Boxes

8. Handling Errors

  • Types Of Errors In Vba
  • Using The On Error Goto Statement
  • Using The Resume Statement
  • Working With The ErrObject

9. Data Connection from External Data

  • From access
  • From SQL
  • From Web
  • From ODBC

10. The Application Object

  • Globals
  • The Active Properties
  • Display Alerts
  • Screen Updating
  • Evaluate
  • Status bar
  • Send Keys
  • Ontime & On Key
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