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MSBI Training in Bangalore: MSBI, Microsoft Business Intelligence is an emerging powerful business intelligence tool. Data transformation, data access, data delivery, report modernizing and interactive report generation are some of the few important functions of MSBI. Through the above mentioned operations, it provides deeper insights to the data.

MSBI Training Student Review

I was a SQL Server developer and I got a chance to work in MSBI for my previous project briefly. But, I was very interested and so I decided to add MSBI as additional skill to my profile. So, I joined here to gain detailed knowledge and practical experience in this technology. As I had some basic idea about MSBI, I was able to grasp the concepts easily. Overall, the training was really really good and my trainer was excellent in teaching.

More about MSBI Training in Bangalore

  • In BI workflow, Data collection is one of the important phases of ETL where the existing or old data has been collected from multiple sources.
  • Business Intelligence can be easily integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio to develop all sorts of data warehousing applications.
  • SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) and SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) are the important services provided by MSBI.
  • By applying OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and OLTP (Online transaction processing system) analysis to the stored data, effective analysis and reporting can be done.
  • Global Training Bangalore is the best MSBI training center in Bangalore where you will be exposed to differentiated learning environment as the course syllabus has been prepared by the highly experienced professionals. With this course, you can learn about Business Intelligence techniques, data warehousing, data mining, data reporting / visualization and lot more. We usually cover SSIS, SSRS and basics of SSAS along with the above mentioned concepts. Please check below for the detailed syllabus.

Prerequisites for MSBI Training

  • Basic knowledge on SQL.
  • If you are already familiar with the above, this course will be quite easy for you to grasp the concepts. Otherwise, experts are here to help you with ETL training, SQL training and MSBI training from the basics.

MSBI Job Openings in Bangalore

  • MSBI is suitable for experienced people, who have key skills on SQL and data analysis. In the current IT market, there are plenty of MSBI opportunities for the experienced professionals who are aware of the above technologies.
  • If you possess strong MSBI experience, you can get job as MSBI developer.
  • If you possess MSBI as a co-skill with Sharepoint, SEO and Web technologies, you can get job as SEO Manager.
  • If you possess MSBI as a co-skill along with data warehousing, T-SQL and SQL server, you can get job as Senior SQL Server developer.
  • If you possess MSBI as a co-skill along with Tableau, MVC, ASP.NET and PowerBI, you can get job as MSBI lead/ Senior Software engineer.
  • Some of the companies that hire for MSBI developers are Deloitte, JP Morgan, Accenture, IRIS, Capgemini, Frontline, IBM, Altisource.

Compared to other training institutes, Global Training Bangalore is one of the best MSBI training institutes in Bangalore where you can acquire the best MSBI training and placement guidance.

What is special about the MSBI training in Bangalore? 

  • Global Training Bangalore is the only institute providing the best MSBI training in Bangalore. They have top experienced industrial professionals as their trainers; they are working in top rated MNCs and Corporates with years of real time experience. So they will surely boost you to become the best web developer.
  • As their trainers are all currently working, the MSBI training program will be usually scheduled during weekdays early mornings between 7AM to 10AM, weekdays late evenings between 7PM to 9:30PM and flexible timings in weekends. They provide MSBI classroom training, MSBI online training and MSBI weekend training based upon the student’s time convenience. This training will make you to feel like obtaining the best MSBI course and placement support in Bangalore with moderate MSBI course fees.
  • The practical sessions throughout the course will help you to enhance your technical skills and confidence. Their connections to the job world will surely help you achieve your dream job. So start putting your sincere efforts into practice and grab the wonderful opportunities.
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MSBI Course Timing & Duration

MSBI Classroom Training Timing

Mon – Fri : 7 AM to 10 AM & 7 PM to 9.30 PM 

Sat & Sun : Flexible Timing

Duration : 30 – 35 hrs.

MSBI Online Training Timing

Mon – Fri : 7 AM to 10 AM & 7 PM to 9.30 PM 

Sat & Sun : Flexible Timing

Duration : 5 weeks

MSBI Fast Track Training

Duration : within 15 days.

Please contact us soon to book your preferable time slot.

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1. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS):

  • Introduction to SSIS Packages and Legacy DTS Packages
  • Introduction of (BIDS) and Explanation of All tool boxes, Solution Explorer, Package variables a
  • Import and Export Wizard, Control Flow and Dataflow tasks
  • Control Flow tasks like Execute SQL Task, BULK insert tasks, File System tasks , The FTP Task and Send mail

2. Task

  • Dataflow tasks and transformations introduction
  • Data sources, Data transformations, Copy column Transformation, Derived Column transformation, Conditional Split and Aggregate Transformation, Sort Transformation and Data Viewers.
  • Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) Concepts and its Transformations.
  • Debugging, Error Handling and Logging
  • How to implement Check points.
  • SSIS Package Deployment and Package Management like how to schedule package , DTUtil and DTExec

3. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS):

  • Introduction to Data Warehousing, OLTP, OLAP, Star Schema and Snow Flake schema.. etc
  • Understanding Dimension Modeling
  • Creating Data source and Data source views
  • Creating the Cube through Wizard and through UDM.
  • Creating Dimensions and Measures in SSAS and how to add those in Cube.
  • Partitions and Aggregations Design in cube and Processing Options in cube.
  • Key Performance Indicators(KPI) , Perspectives and Translations .
  • What is Build , Deploy and process in cube.
  • How to do Slice and Dice in the Cube .
  • How to retrieve the data in Cube i.e Through MDX .
  • Full Coverage of MDX and its functions from Basics to Advanced.
  • What is Role and How to give Cube access to a Login.
  • Different Options for Deploying a Cube.
  • How to take Cube backup and how to synchronize the cube from one server to another server and how to do that
    with XMLA query
  • How to take the report from Cube in Excel and Power Pivot .

4. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS):

  • What is the Terminology involved in SSRS, SSRS Architecture and how to configure SSRS.
  • What is Shared Data source and How to Create an Ad-hoc Report from Wizard.
  • Creating Expressions and Conditional Formatting.
  • How to Calculate Total and Percentage and how to create Drill-Down reports.
  • Creating Report Parameter and Debugging Parameter issues.
  • How to create a Basic Matrix Report , Tablix Report and Charts.
  • How to Create a Standard and Data-driven Subscription and managing subscriptions.
  • Managing Reports, Security and how to use Web-based Report Manager.

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